Frequently Asked Questions

A note for companies

If you are a company looking to use Code Kit with your products, we ask that you contact us to discuss possible solutions and/or collaborations. Please don't advertise compatibility with Code Kit before reaching out – it is our goal to ensure each user's experience is positive and well-designed.

Is Code Kit free to use?

Yes! Our basic web edition of Code Kit has always been free for personal and educational use.

Because we offer this for free, we politely ask that you don’t copy our app to other sites or sell copies of our app to other people/organisations.

Can I turn code into blocks, too?

This is something we're currently working on in a project called Blockmorph. We recently released a YouTube video where we demonstrate this exciting functionality.

What makes Code Kit the best visual coding editor for Arduino?

We've spent a lot of time and effort making Code Kit the very best it can be. Our primary focus has always been user experience, so we strive to maintain a service that is easy-to-use and simple yet powerful.

If you've used other visual coding editors for Arduino, you'll know that Code Kit is very different. Here are some of the things we belive make it the best:

  • Intuitive interface — Blocks are well-organised, colour-coded, and easy to use. Users can customise the interface to suit their preferences. The toolbar makes it simple to open, save, and download code, among other things.

  • Variables — Code Kit uses typed variables (i.e. int, float, bool, string) and almost every block can take variables as inputs. Users can control inputs, outputs, and more with variable pin assignments and variable values.

  • Block Selection — We'll admit that Code Kit doesn't have the largest block library. If you're looking for an RFID reader block, or a block for an OLED screen, another solution will suit you better. However, we have chosen and designed our blocks very intentionally. Unlike other editors, we cover a large portion of the Arduino language spec which makes it easy for users to transition to text-based coding – the main goal of any visual coding editor.

This list is not extensive. We invite you to try Code Kit for youself and see if you agree!

What’s the difference between Code Kit Free and Pro?

Code Kit Free is our free version of Code Kit, available on all devices through the web. There are countless blocks to choose from, an intuitive user-interface, and guided tutorial videos that make it simple to get started.

Code Kit Pro has everything that’s great about its free counterpart, and unlocks a host of additional functionality. With Code Kit Pro, upload code directly to connected boards, access live serial monitor output with advanced graphic features, and store and share your projects on the cloud. Our Pro edition is a paid upgrade that supports the continued development of Code Kit.

What boards are supported?

We support a growing range of Arduino-compatible boards. Don’t see a board on our list but would like to have it added? Contact our team so that we can look at adding it.

  • Arduino Uno R3 / R4

  • Arduino Ethernet

  • Arduino Uno Wifi

  • Arduino Nano ATmega328P / ATmega128

  • Arduino Nano Every

  • Arduino Duemilanove

  • Arduino Diecimila

  • Arduino Mega 2560 / ADK

  • Arduino Leonardo

  • Arduino Yun

  • Arduino Fio

  • Arduino Micro

  • Arduino Pro

  • Arduino Pro Mini

  • ESP8266

  • ESP32

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