Project Export Options

Code Kit offers a range of export options for your projects. Whether you wish to share your project or edit the generated code in a different application, here's a breakdown of the available export choices.

Code Kit File (.cdk)

Click Export in the top toolbar and select Code Kit File. This option exports a file containing all your blocks and work done in Code Kit.

  • Save your block workspace

  • Re-open in Code Kit

  • Share with others

Arduino Project (.ino)

Click Export in the top toolbar and select Arduino Project. Exports all the generated code from your blocks as a zipped Arduino project. Once unzipped, you can open the project in the Arduino IDE.

Note: This file cannot be reopened in Code Kit. If you wish to export your blocks, opt for the Code Kit file.

  • Save your generated code

  • Open in Arduino IDE

  • Can't reopen in Code Kit

Workspace Snapshot (.png)

Click Export in the top toolbar and select Workspace Snapshot. Creates an image capturing all blocks in your workspace, even those not immediately visible.

The image has a transparent background, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your documents or designs. The Workspace Snapshot is a great way to visually share your project with others.

  • Save blocks as an image

  • Visually share your project

  • Can't reopen in Code Kit

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