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Allows you to import a saved project (.cdk file).

Clicking Open will launch a file selection modal. Navigate to the path on your computer where the desired .cdk file is saved. Select the file and confirm to bring it into Code Kit.

Note that opening a file will overwrite the current contents of your workspace. If you are currently working on a project, remember to save your work to your computer (see Save) before you open another file. The browser autosave also resets when you open a new file.


Saves the current workspace to your computer (.cdk file).

Clicking Save will save your workspace as a file to your computer. You may have to give Code Kit permission to download if this is your first time saving. The file will have a .cdk extension which means it is a Code Kit file.

To open this file again, see Open.

Undo / Redo

Allows you to undo/redo actions in the blocks workspace.

Clicking Undo will reverse the last action you made in the blocks workspace. For example, if you just added a block, Undo will reverse it.

Clicking Redo only works if you have previously used Undo. This button will restore the last action you un-performed. Using the prior example, Redo would add the block back to the workspace.


Deletes all blocks from the workspace.

Clicking Clear will delete all blocks from the workspace. You can also access this function by right-clicking on the workspace and selecting the option that says, 'Delete (num) blocks'. You will receive a prompt to confirm your decision.

While the Clear function works with Undo/Redo (see above), you will not be able to restore the previous workspace if you refresh the page as the browser autosave has been reset.


Allows you to customise Code Kit and tweak your experience.

Clicking Prefs will launch the app's preferences modal. Click Okay to save any changes. Note that preferences are saved to your browser and will restore next time you visit.

See our full documentation on Preferences for more information.


Clicking Help will redirect you to the EduKits support page where you can get in contact with our team. Code Kit is developed and maintainted by EduKits International. You can also access this page directly below.


Clicking Copy will copy to your clipboard the Arduino code generated by all blocks on the workspace. To upload this code to a board, paste it into the Arduino IDE or similar and upload as usual.


Clicking Download will download a zipped file to your computer (.zip).

To access the file contents, you will need to extract the .zip file once downloaded. The Arduino-compatible .ino file is enclosed in a folder of the same file name, so the .ino file will open directly in the Arduino application.

You can change the name of the file to be downloaded in the Code Kit app.

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