Loading Example Projects

A great way to get started with Code Kit and see what's possible is to load one of our example projects. We've put together these projects to show a variety of blocks and features in use.

The example projects are located in the right sidebar of any blank project. If you want to switch to a blank project, click New in the left sidebar.

Here's a list of some of the example projects included in Code Kit:

  • Blink—Toggles the on-board LED continuously in 1-second cycles.

  • Screeching Alarm—Using buzzer, loop, and delay blocks, emits a screeching alarm sound.

  • Fade LED—Fades an LED connected to a PWM pin. Makes use of variables, logical conditions, and separate setup code.

  • Analogue Read Serial—A simple project that continuously outputs a sensor reading over the serial port connection.

  • Servo Knob—Sets the position value of a servo motor based off the input reading of a connected potentiometer.

  • ASCII Table—Prints an ASCII character map over the serial port, making use of variable manipulation to cycle through the various characters.

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