Autosave Code

When this option is enabled, your workspace will automatically save to your browser. This code stays on your computer and is not sent to EduKits or any web-based provider. Each time you visit Code Kit, the app will automatically load the last saved code.

Disabling autosave will prevent new changes from being saved to the browser. It will also mean each time you load Code Kit you will begin with an empty workspace.

To delete all app data, including autosave data, see Reset app below.

Advanced Mode

Enabling this mode will unlock a number of new blocks in the toolbox. Note that you will need to enable all categories using the Block Loader to see all the available blocks.


The selected board determines the pre-set options in block dropdowns for available digital, analogue, and PWM pins. This is a useful feature for beginners and for use in the classroom.

The list of boards available at present is below.

  • Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328P

  • Arduino Duemilanove ATmega168

  • Arduino Ethernet

  • Arduino Fio

  • Arduino Leonardo

  • Arduino Mega 2650 / ADK

  • Arduino Micro

  • Arduino Mini ATmega328

  • Arduino Nano ATmega328P

  • Arduino Nano ATmega168

  • Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V ATmega328

  • Arduino Pro Mini 5V ATmega328

  • Arduino Uno

  • Arduino Uno WiFi

  • Arduino Yùn

  • ESP8266


The selected theme is a purely visual preference and does not affect the functionality of the application. The current themes available to Code Kit users are Light, Dark, and Magma.

Reset app

Code Kit stores a small amount of user data on your machine to remember your code and preferences for a smoother user experience. A list of the stored information is below.


Autosaved code

Locally (Browser)


User preferences

Locally (Browser)


You can clear this data at any point by clicking the Reset app button at the bottom of the preferences modal. Code Kit will reload.

Be careful when resetting the app as this will delete any locally-stored code. Make sure you save any important work to your computer before you reset.

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